There are a lot of people that when their hard drive or memory device has become faulty, perhaps refusing to boot or got burned, scratched or otherwise damaged, they have lost a lot of important data, perhaps data essential for a work project or perhaps just some once in a lifetime photos or important contact details. In most cases though, there would have been no need to lose that data as companies like specialize in retrieving data from damaged data storage devices of any type. This particular company has been retrieving data for more than 20 years for people all over the country and sometimes for people outside the country, their professional and trained staff have experience in all types of data storage device as well as all brands and so it is very rare they cannot retrieve data, regardless of how bad you may think the device is damaged.

You may have seen on your high street, retailers like Office Depot, Best Buy, Staples or even Dell and Apple stating that they can retrieve data from damaged storage devices but in those instances, they only have a retrieval software which only works with certain devices and cannot retrieve data from badly damaged devices; they do not employ a professional data retrieval specialist. Often it takes a trained professional specialist to retrieve data and not just a piece of software.

This company and others have facilities nationwide but if there is not one in your area, you can mail it to them but first contact them for a quote, telling them the type of device you have and letting them know what the problem is. Having given you a quote they will then inform you of the best way to package the device for shipment so as not to cause it any more damage. Lastly, they will ask you what type of data storage device you would like the retrieved data put on to send back to you.

To avoid any of this though of course, you should be following the advice which is often given by many people and that is to back up all your important data on a second memory device so that if one is damaged in any way, you still have the data somewhere else. The one thing you should perhaps not keep on your storage device though is, the details of your professional data recovery specialist but do keep it handy somewhere as you never know when you may need it, especially as sometimes things go wrong before you have had a chance to back up your most recent data.

These companies and their staff are professional and so know the importance of the data to people and also know of the need for discretion and confidentiality. Although often the data retrieved is of no value to anyone else, it can be of extreme value to the owners, perhaps photos of a wedding or a special vacation or contact details of business associates.

Don’t Lose Data
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