Godaddy is somewhere you go when you want a domain name for a new website or someone to host a new website on the internet. Godaddy can provide both of these at very low prices but even so, still have promo codes and coupons to reduce their prices even further.

To get more information on their promos you can go to this site; A domain name and a host are all you need to have to create your own website using WordPress or similar software as that software now takes care of the computer coding which used to have to be done by hand.

Creating a website using this software, although very easy, is something that should be gone into with a lot of thought and consideration, especially if it is a website for a business which is hoping to use the website to increase its sales. The website can do everything you need to do to create a great website and in fact it is believed that 60% of the websites today have been created using that software.

The quality of the website is something that will very much determine its effectiveness in bringing in new clients to a business and so if you intend to create the website yourself, you must spend time ensuring that it is of high quality in every aspect. The first page that any new visitor will see is of course the home page and so you should start with that. Make sure it is pleasing to the eye and yet relevant to what the website is about.

The page should promise interesting items inside the other pages and have a one click link to those other pages. This is called a site map and is essential to ensure that any visitor can quickly and easily find the page that interests them There should also be a link to a contact as although you will want to have as much information on the website as possible, some visitors may still want to contact you by email or phone to find out more.

Once you have made each page as interesting as possible, you will need to update those pages regularly in order to keep them interesting. In order to get those visitors interested in your website though, you will first have to encourage them to visit it and for that you can use SEO. SEO is Search Engine Optimization which if used correctly by an expert, can ensure that your website is placed at least near the top of any list of results provided by a search engine when something relevant to your site is searched for.

Another way to encourage visitors to your website is to provide links to it from other websites. Using this last tactic, obviously the busier the site with the link in is, the more chance you have of receiving visitors from it. With SEO and a good, interesting and professional website, a business should see an increase in their sales.

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