As more and more of us are placing personal, private information online, most of us assume that that information is safe and secure, however, from the increasing number of identity thefts which are occurring, it obviously is not. There are two main ways in which a criminal can obtain personal information in order to steal someone’s identity. The first way is to hack into a website which has that information and the second way is to get the information directly from the screen of your PC, laptop or another online device.

We can try and avoid having our identity stolen by only placing our personal information on websites which we hope have adequate protection against hackers. The other way we can try and avoid having our identity stolen is by having a Privacy Protector attached to our PC, laptop or other devices which we use online. These protectors sometimes referred to as privacy filters are now available from different manufacturers and so there should now be at least one which will fit any device you may have.

The filters usually come in two types, gold or black but either one adequately protects the images on your screen is seen by people other than those which are sat directly in front of it. This means that a laptop which is being used by a person on a train or a plane does not share what is on its screen with people sat next to the user if the laptop has a filter attached.

Although the filters come with attachments which are semi-permanent, as they do reduce the amount of clarity on the screen, most also come with temporary fixtures so the screens can be easily be placed on or off the screen as needed. Obviously, if you are using your device in the privacy of your own home, then the filter is not really necessary and so you can enjoy the full clarity of images without a filter. However, if you are traveling or even using a device in a shared office, you should really use a filter in order to offer yourself the best protection from identity theft.

Identity theft is on the increase and the thieves are getting more brazen as their chances of getting caught diminish and those chances diminish due to the fact that now, instead of using any information they have stolen immediately, they are now holding the information for several months before using it, making it almost impossible to determine how or where the theft took place. At one time it was fairly safe to assume that if your accounts were all in order a couple of days after you had been on a trip, you were safe from having your identity stolen but now that the criminals delay using their ill-gotten gains, continuous monitoring must be done to ensure your information is not being used. Fortunately, the cost of these filters is cheap but even if they weren’t, the cost of having your identity stolen would still be much higher than their cost.

Privacy Protection
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