Although most rifle owners are only rifle enthusiasts, others are professionals and so the selecting of a good scope to match their rifle is even more important. There are even Rifle Scopes Pros whose job it is to check the quality of the different scopes available to buy today. There are some well-known brands of scopes such as Leupold and Aimpoint but more recently they have been faced with some new serious competition and that competition is from an American company. Vortex optics have only been making optics since 2002 but already they have made a big impact, providing scopes and other optics which are of a high quality but sell at reasonable prices. One of the biggest impacts they have made is with their Vortex Spitfire scope.

This is a scope that sells for around $500 but has optics of the same quality as scopes that are far more expensive. This scope has come to the particular attention of hunters as it only weighs 12.2 ounces which is reasonably light considering that the weight of scopes range from 9 ounces to 3 pounds. Usually the lighter a scope, the more a hunter will be interested in it. The hunter, perhaps unlike a target shooter, will have to carry their rifle and scope all day and if they have a heavy scope, by the end of the day their arms can be so tired they can hardly lift them to take a shot, or at least cannot hold the rifle steady enough for an accurate aim. Some people think that the more expensive the scope, the better it is but that is not always the case as sometimes a scope is more expensive due to all the additional features that it has. The really expensive scopes may have a multitude of special features but in actual fact, it is rare that any one person uses all the features and so they may not all be needed.

If you know what you are going to use your scope for, you will know what special features you could use and so it is best to look or a scope that has those only and no others. That way you can save on expense and may even save on the weight of the scope which, if you are a hunter, you will certainly be glad of later. All scopes though are designed to do a specific job but not all of them are used in the same way or attach to a rifle in the same way. It is perhaps obvious that you will have to select a scope that easily attaches to your particular rifle but what may not be as obvious, is the type of eye piece the scope has. Depending on how exactly you hold your rifle, some eye pieces could damage your eye and so place the scope to your eye before you buy the scope. You may also have a preference of either cross hair aiming or red dot aiming and so if you do, make sure the scope you buy has the aiming system you want.

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