The latest rage in the way of toys is Fidget Spinners but these toys are not just becoming popular with kids, they are also becoming popular with adults as well. Fidget spinners which you can learn more about at are small contraptions that have ball bearings inside then allowing them to spin easily. There are many different designs for these spinners but basically all of them allow you to quickly and easily spin them with your fingers. Obviously these are therefore amusing and perhaps intriguing for young children but they are also somehow a mesmerizing attraction to older people too.

It is said that these spinners can improve dexterity and perhaps also improve the motorization skills of those suffering from diseases that can affect the mobility of the hands. These claims have not yet been proven but may have some merit to them. They certainly can keep the fingers busy though and that sometimes is a good thing as it may help some people to stop nibbling at their nails, cracking their fingers or some other sometimes annoying habit.

These toys however have caused some controversy though and that controversy is in schools. Being able to have something to do with your fingers has been said to improve concentration and so many of the older kids were taking these spinners and using them in class on the pretext that they helped them concentrate. The controversy arises because the teachers believe that they are in fact having the opposite effect and are in fact taking a student’s mind away from the topic being taught.

A possible compromise to this controversy is allowing the use of fidget cubes in classrooms. Fidget cubes are similar to fidget spinners in so far as they keep the hands occupied which may help people to concentrate but where they do differ from the spinners is that they are not so distracting to the eyes. As you play with a fidget spinner it is difficult to take your eyes from it as you want to see what effect each finger movement has on the device whereas with the cubes, there is very little to see. The teachers biggest concerns with the fidget spinners was that a student’s eyes were distracted from what they were being shown and so they may be happier to allow their students to use the fidget cubes in the classrooms.

Fidget spinners are readily available to buy on Amazon and many other places and as with many other new toys introduced, there are plenty of videos on YouTube showing what can be done with these gadgets. Although they have only been available since 2016, fidget spinners have already been able to provide budding young magicians with an assortment of tricks. These tricks are also available to be seen on YouTube and I am sure that soon many kids will be trying to perform these tricks for family and class mates which could produce yet another distraction in the classrooms.

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